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Adventure capitalist game is based on a new concept and includes the best feature that no one has seen before.
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05 April, 2022
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Adventure capitalist APK review

If you support starting a business from rock bottom and taking it to the heights of being a billionaire, then adventure capitalist is one of the best games to practice the skills.

This game teaches you about business basics, how to invest or raise investments, manage cash flow, manage staff, grow your business, and much more interesting yet useful stuff. Entrepreneurs love this concept, and it has a superb rating on the play store. 

The game is addictive, and at every level, it introduces you to new things that make the game even more interesting. Moreover, it teaches you important skills that will help you in your life. 

The original game is free to download, but it includes in-app purchases that restrict your access to premium products, and you will end up wasting a lot of time if you don’t purchase. However, we solved all these problems in the APK, where you can get unlimited gold for free to play seamlessly. 
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Adventure capitalist game is based on a new concept and includes the best feature that no one has seen before. You will surely love these fantastic features this game has to offer. 

1. Start from rock bottom

None of the business starts big in real life, and this game represents it very well. They will not provide you with a huge empire on day one to manage and live a lavish life; instead, they provide you with a lemonade shop where you have to work, do marketing, attract customers, get sales and save enough to grow your business. 

With time you can purchase things with your savings to deploy assets that will help you to grow your business. Also, you can try for loans or raise investments. 

2. Hire people to build your empire

You cannot be a billionaire on your own. You have to hire people and manage them to work for you. It gives the game a real touch, allows you to hire people, and helps you with advanced tools to train and manage them to do the required work.

It teaches you about time and labor management because you have to pay them salaries, solve their issues, look that they don’t make many mistakes, etc. It’s the most important skill that everyone must learn if they want to grow big in life.

3. Attract investors

You need money to make more money from it. It’s good to start with nothing but you cannot make something without investing money. Taking loans can be risky at times, so you have to raise money by selling a part of your company to investors. 

This game teaches you the right techniques to raise investment where you and your business remain profitable. Investors don’t want to join new or loss-making ventures, and at times, you don’t close a deal. Luckily you can learn everything in this game.

4. The space race 

Once you successfully create a business and manage enough cash flow, you can invest that amount in space missions to discover new technology that may help you out with your business in the game. 

They allow you to unlock Adventures to the Moon and Mars and discover new investments, upgrades, managers, and items in space. It’s pretty interesting and something new that you would love to try. 

5. Shop fantastic products

You can dress like a millionaire, customize your looks, purchase supplies, managers, gold, time Warps for your business, etc. The shop is full of fantastic products to help you grow your business and personal avatar. 

Most of this stuff requires you to pay real money in the game, but in the APK, we unlocked them for free to support your growth. 

6. Superior graphics and sound

The developers had tried their best to give this game a real look with the help of top-quality graphics and sound. You won’t see any blurry or pixelated images, plus the sound quality is fantastic. 

It’s a lightweight game that works smoothly on Android 5.0 or above. Also, it hardly shows lagging issues despite using it for long hours. 

These were the most important features that make this game addictive and informative. It has a lot to teach you about business. 


Indeed, the game is fantastic, but it got issues and negative ratings. We checked multiple comments on the Playstore, YouTube, social media, and other websites. Here is a summary! 


  • Simple yet addicting game and one of the games that I’m willing to watch the ad.
  • This is a most enjoyable game! There aren’t any real downsides I can think of for gameplay, as I think it is well-balanced.
  • AdVenture Capitalist is a great game that scratches that special itch in your brain that loves watching numbers go up.


  • If you watch a video, the video won’t load, or the app will crash. It’s very frustrating.
  • It shows too many ads, and sometimes those ads manage other things on the app like opening the web browser or installing apps. 
  • No matter how many quests I finished, it would not register a score for me.

Pros and cons:

Let us quickly evaluate this game based on the positive and negative things it has to provide. So, you can make the right decision by investing your time in it. 


  • It teaches you about real-life scenarios. 
  • The game is super addictive and informative.
  • It’s free to download and play for all.
  • Fantastic sound, graphics, easy navigation, good support, and more


  • Too many annoying ads.
  • Some users reported frequent crashes.
  • Downloading a APK could be risky
  • At times, you waste a lot of time playing it. 

Conclusion on Adventure capitalist APK:

Adventure capitalist is an amazing game that teaches you real-life business situations and how you can start something from the bottom and take it to heights. It’s a new concept that people love, and they invest a lot of time playing this game. 

At the same time, it got problems like too many ads, or some people reported frequent crashes. In total, it’s a fantastic game to play, and every entrepreneur must try it at least once. 

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