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Siege of Treboulain APK is a battle royale where you have to defend your magical city from an invading army! To fight against the invasive army, you can use swords, spells, and an intelligent strategy to save your people, build a legacy for the ages and lead them to glory. 

Although the concept may not look new, the game is exciting and unique to play. “The Siege of Treboulain” is a 280,000-word interactive epic fantasy novel by Jed Herne. The novel explains that Treboulain rests on the power of arbitrary. Yet, at the same time, magic governs plants and all growing things. 

The game shows you as the king who is sad because of the recent death of his mother, the Queen; your throne demands the blood of your enemy and wants you to fight for the glory of your kingdom.

The game provides you with the option to protect your kingdom, allows you to invade other kingdoms and siege their empires, takes you back in history, and comes with some super exciting features that will keep you engaged for long durations. 

In this article, we have tried to explain everything about the game, from good to bad but first, let us start with the features.

Features of Siege of Treboulain Mod APK:

1. Become anything you want

The game is not biased and allows you to play as male, female, or non-binary; straight, bi, gay, or asexual. They provide options for all, so you can enjoy most benefits without feeling differentiated. 

2. Select your background

The game provides you with three options to choose from magician, warrior, or scholar. Every character has a different backstory through fighting and becoming a modern-day warrior. You can choose the character you want and lend your power to protect your city. 

It’s your primary responsibility to protect the kingdom against invaders; make sure you fulfill your responsibility as required. 

3. You are top in command

As a leader, they provide you with all the options to command soldiers, plan tactics, and fight to save your people. In addition, it offers different modes to play that include one-on-one battles, duels, and massive history-shaking battles. 

All modes are pretty exciting and almost feel like you are playing for real. There are many aspects that you understand upon playing. 

4. Handle other responsibilities

A king is responsible for protecting borders and protecting his people from internal enemies. Therefore, it would help if you managed the city’s politics and balanced the conflicting needs of priests, merchants, and ordinary people against the military, and worked towards the betterment of the kingdom.

5. Understand the past

To know some deep secrets of your kingdom, you need to uncover the secrets of the past using flashbacks to learn more about your city, people, previous kings, their decisions, and your foe.

6. Build relations

Every great empire stands on trust and positive relations among the people. A king is also a human, and the game portrays it very well. It allows you an opportunity to find love or friendship with a brave warrior, a wise priestess, a talented artist, a cunning merchant, or many other people from the kingdom. 

7. Superior quality

With such an exciting theme and gameplay, the overall game has superior sound and graphics quality. It works smoothly even on lower android versions, and it’s easier to control even on a small screen. 

Despite heavy graphics, the game doesn’t lag and provides the best user experience. We recommend it for professional gamers. 

8. No ads

The game is free to download but includes in-app purchases; however, it’s free from annoying ads. You don’t have to watch ads to get extra rewards like other popular games, plus no one will annoy you with disturbing pop-ups while you enjoy the game. 

Reviews of Siege of Treboulain Mod APK:

The game comes with super exciting features, but it is not free from problems. To check how the game is performing for people worldwide, we examined various user reviews posted on multiple websites. Here are some typical reviews.


  • The characters are good, the romance is excellent, the story flows well, and it has good pacing.
  • A solid experience I haven’t had in a CoG for a long time. Exciting story, engaging choices, fun and straightforward.
  • Very well developed, beautiful characters, complex challenges, and much action.
  • The great plot is the best one I’ve seen. It is truly the very best COG game.


  • The first playthrough was spectacular. But after that turns out, there are tiny variations.
  • The lack of choice and change makes the replayability pretty bad.
  • It logs me out while playing; that is pretty annoying.
  • Downloading the Apk version can be dangerous. Make sure you install the game from trusted websites.

Pros and cons:

Let us quickly evaluate the game based on our understanding and the reviews we researched on multiple websites. 


  • Exciting story and fantastic gameplay 
  • It includes challenging levels with unique characters and the best of action. 
  • Very few negative reviews, and most people like the plot. 
  • Excellent graphics and quality.


  • Sometimes, the game logs you out while playing. 
  • The story is rigid and doesn’t allow you to play according to yourself.
  • In-app purchases cost too much money, and it’s not worth it. 
  • It Shows network error on some devices despite good network. 

Conclusion on Siege of Treboulain Mod APK:

Siege of Treboulain is a fantastic game with a new concept and a super exciting story. Developers designed the game like how the real-world kingdoms used to work and taught you many things about life. 

It is power-packed with attractive features that anyone would like to enjoy playing, and all these features work pretty well across devices. The game is easy to control but make sure you have a high-speed internet connection so it doesn’t lag. 

However, despite premium features, the game is not free from problems and may not work as required on some devices, logs you out at times, and some users find the story is not exciting and doesn’t provide you with many options. 

Lastly, we would say that every game has pros and cons, but Siege of Treboulain is another level game that deserves your time. Don’t miss it just because it has a few problems. 

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
5/5 - (1 vote)

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