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The sims 3 expands on previous games in having an open world system, where the neighborhood is entirely open for the sims to move around without any loading screens.
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What is the Sims 3 APK?

The Sims 3 APK: The sims and sims 2 were based on a life simulation where the player controls the actions and fates of its character, sims, houses, and neighborhood.

The sims 3 expands on previous games in having an open world system, where the neighborhood is entirely open for the sims to move around without any loading screens. A new design tool introduces to create a styling tool that allows every object, clothing, and hair to redesign any color, material, or design pattern.

Features of the Sims 3 APK?

The Sims 3 is better than Sims 4 because it has more amazing features. So here are some features of Sims 3 which make him a better game than others.

  • The Sims 3 comes with the Create-A-Style tool, which helps them customize the item in the game. The player in the game can change the different hair color, clothes pattern, furniture fabrics, and many other things.
  • In the Sims 3, you can download the custom pattern or swatches and add to the object according to your interest.
  • Open world feature changes the gameplay as players now can go anywhere on the world map. In Sims and Sims 2, you have to wait for the loading screen to travel. But now, players can travel from residential to a community lot or home to home without any loading screens.
  • In the Sim 3 game, players can buy various cars and build their garage and decorate it. They can take the driving lesson, but in the previous game, like in Sims 2, you can only buy limited cars.
  • The player can customize each world according to them as to feel unique. You can place lots of any size anywhere. Further, you can sculpt the ground and make it dull or suitable for a lot and plop it down. You can plop down a 64×64 lot, build a big cinema, or a 30×40 lot and build a family home.
  • In Sims 3, players get more places to lots, around 170 lots places on the map, but in Sim 4, you get little lots area.
  • The player gets more place to visit as compared to the Sims 4 game. It has more variety of locations to visit in Sim 3. You can see the beach, book store, tattoo store, salon, grocery store, many other community lots and areas.

How to download the Sims 3 APK on your phone?

  • You have to download the Sims 3 apk file + OBB file offline download from the above link.
  • After downloading the files, You have to install the file on your mobile device.
  • In the installation process, you have to click on the apk file to start installing the app.
  • After installing the app, you have to open the app on your mobile phone.
  • Finally, enable the permission and start playing and enjoy the game.


Is The Sims 3 Available on Android?

Yes, sims 3 is available on android devices. You can play the game and enjoy this fantastic app on your android device. If your mobile has an android version of 6 or more, you can easily install the Sim 3 + OBB file on your phone. If not, then this game will not run on your android device.

Is The Sims 3 offline?

You can play the Sims 3 offline, but you will need to verify the game once online. Still, you can put Origin in offline mode after that and don’t need a constant internet connection.

Can you play The Sims 3 on IPAD?

If you have an IPAD or IOS device, you can also play Sims on IPAD. The developer has made this game user-friendly. It can be operated on any device, whether it is an android, IOS device, PC, MAC, or Linux. So, you can enjoy this game and play it on any device.
Go and download the app from the link given below. Also download How2fixit APK.


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